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Dormitory Authority State of New York

Facilities Maintenance

To ensure a healthy, happy, work environment, Mitchell's Construction Solutions will continue to maintain your building after the construction phase. We acknowledge that large amounts of effort and funding went into your building so it is important to keep it looking new for years to come. That's where MCS comes in. 

An initial meeting with the building owner will allow us to create a contract detailing the services to be provided along with areas of emphasis. Communication is the key to customer satisfaction. We don't know what you're expecting until you let us know! Developing a customized cleaning maintenance schedule using certified green products, is part of Mitchell's Construction Solutions Services. This will be the first step to a healthy, happy work environment.

Services can include the following:

  • empty trash baskets
  • clean and disinfect rest rooms
  • mop floors
  • edge & vacuum carpets
  • clean & disinfect telephones
  • customized plan
MSDS sheets are always provided for your OSHA safety records.

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